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Flexible Breakfast Options

In the past, my strict Paleo diet limited my breakfast options to mostly some version of eggs or fruit.  With flexible eating, I have been able to incorporate a wider variety of foods while still maintaining clean options.  I’ve always loved oatmeal but had to save it as my “cheat” breakfast, but with flexible eating it’s now something I eat multiple times a week.  As a high school teacher, I have to prep and pack my breakfast each morning.  In order to make sure I stick to and hit my macros for the day, I have found that it’s easiest to decide the night before what I am going to have for breakfast.  That way I don’t waste time in the morning trying to figure out what I am going to eat, but simply have to weigh/measure and pack. Continue reading

Sunday Night Dinner

Coming from a predominantly Italian heritage has shaped much of who I am.  I inherited the short stocky physical tendencies of those lovely middle/southern Italians.  I have an insane love and passion for good food.  And I am part of an obnoxiously large and close-knit family that loves to be at the center of each others’ personal business.  Once a week all three of those aspects of my life collide at Sunday Night Dinner.  We talk. We laugh. We eat. Continue reading

Welcome to #orangefit

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