Macro Snacking

With flexible eating, you sometimes have the ability to make some pretty random concoctions that you never thought of before but end up pretty damn tasty.  The other night I had leftover macros and need to get in a small amount of protein and some carbs.  Since transitioning from pretty strict paleo to flexible eating I have added in a few non-paleo food items but still eat as clean as possible.  When eating things like greek yogurt, for example, I try to find a yogurt with as little sugar as possible.  My overall sugar intake for an entire day is pretty minimal so I feel comfortable allowing myself to eat something like greek yogurt because the protein content is so high and sometimes I find it difficult to get all the protein I need from straight chicken and meat.

Anyways, I tried this Greek Yogurt and Nut Butter snack two ways based on how many macros I had left.  One day I had a little protein and fat but high carb grams leftover, and the second I had a little protein and carbs but more fat grams to play with.  This is where you need to be creative.  I’ll be honest though, the 2% Greek Yogurt and Peanut Butter version tasted better than the other but both did the trick.  As an alternative you can mix either honey or vanilla extract into the dip for a sweeter flavor but I personally don’t find it necessary (remember if you do, track the added macros).  The dip in itself is great but depending on your leftover macros, you can always throw something on top.  AND, you can always double/halve the recipe based on your needs.  Remember, it’s called FLEXIBLE EATING 🙂

Greek Yogurt and Nut Butter Dip – Two Ways

Best paired with…

Approx 1/2 Fuji Apple (91g) – 47 calories – .2F/12.6C/.2P


3 oz. Carrot sticks – 35 calories – 0F/8C/1P

photo 2

1/4 Cup (57g) Nonfat Greek Yogurt – 30 calories – 0F/1.8C/5.5P

1 tbsp (16g) Sunbutter – 100 calories – 8F/3.5C/3.5P

Mix two ingredients together until smooth.  Refrigerate before eating.

Optional – Top with Trail Mix or Dairy Free Chocolate Chips

Pictured: Trader Joe’s Sweet and Savory Trail Mix – 1/4 cup (28g) – 150 calories – 9F/13C/4P

photo 1

1/4 cup (57g) 2% Greek Yogurt – 42 calories – 1.1F/2.5C/5.5P

1 tbsp (16g) – 95 calories – 8F/3.5C/4P

Mix two ingredients together until smooth.  Refrigerate before eating.

Optional – Top with Dairy Free Chocolate Chips

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