What I’m Wearing Wednesday

I find that the more expensive a piece of clothing I own, the less I wear it.  Except for jeans.  I will spend any amount of money on a perfect pair of jeans.  I wear jeans every day, all day.  Well, except for when I’m at the gym.  My point is, I love jeans and am always searching for my next best pair.  That being said, if I spend $200 on a pair of jeans I want to save money on the rest of my outfit.  So why spend a ton of money on expensive tops that will hang in my closet barely worn when I can get a deal on tops that go perfectly with my expensive jeans that I will get way more use out of.

Enter my new favorite tank top.  I was always a sucker for the $9 Target tank until I recently discovered these…for $8.  AND they’re racerback!  They blow the target tank out of the water.  Actually, they blow any expensive tank top I’ve ever owned out of the water.

If you live in Marin County, and you frequent the Village in Corte Madera (and I know most of you ladies reading my blog do), there’s this little boutique-y store called Liquid Marin.  It just so happens they’re having a “Friends & Family” event starting Thursday, May 14th through the 18th.  Click here to visit their website and print out a 20% off coupon!  They have all sorts of funky stuff, from housewares to jewelry  to clothing.  But most importantly they have my $8 tank in a variety of colors, most of which I own and wear on a weekly basis.  Because it’s a super slim fit and cuts a little narrower in the chest, it’s like a sexier version of your boyfriend’s traditional wifebeater.  If you can’t make it to the actual store, you can still buy these tanks online for $9 – $12 plus shipping.  A little more expensive, but still a deal. Buy one, or maybe like 5.

As a side note…these Splendid Rodeo booties shown below are the most versatile and comfortable shoes I own.  Totally worth the investment.  And they come in black too!

So this is what I’m wearing this Wednesday…

TankSplendid Booties

Zenana  Tank Top – Liquid Marin or Amazon

J Brand Skinny Jeans – Nordstroms

Splendid Rodeo Booties – Bloomingdales

Pendant Necklace – Similar Necklace Here – The Jewel Bar

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