Protein Bars on Groupon and the Monday Monster Mash!

LinchpinSince it’s Monday, I’m going to be hitting up Crossfit Linchpin’s Monster Mash WOD this afternoon.  Hopefully I can convince a few people to do it with me.  Now that I’m feeling more confident in my muscle up capabilities, I don’t shy away from the challenge of incorporating them into my workouts.  I actually get excited to tackle that challenge.  It feels so good to take a weakness and make it your bitch.  Well, it’s not quite my bitch yet, but it’s getting there.  Last muscle up WOD I was able to string multiples together, even with shoulder fatigue.  Big step for me.  So, when I work in the morning, take care of Reese during the day and coach in the afternoon, my workout time is much later in the day.  It’s not my preference but sometimes it’s my only option.

I have two favorite protein bars that I always keep on hand for pre or post workout snacks on days like this.  I am obsessed with Perfect Bars and Quest Bars.  Both are pretty clean options that give you 17-20g of protein and a boost of carbs for your body to use right around your workout.  The difference in the two bars and what determines which one I am choosing to have is the fat content.  Perfect foods bars, because they are nut-based have a significantly higher fat content.  On days where I am trying to conserve my fat macros, I will opt for a Quest Bar because the fat content is approximately 5-6 grams depending on the flavor.  When choosing a Perfect Bar, you have 6 different flavor options but my favorites are Peanut Butter, Almond Butter and the Cranberry Crunch Lite bar if I’m looking for something a little less dense going into a workout.  Their ingredients are organic and real so any choice is going to be a good one.  On the other hand, Quest Bars come in about 20+ different flavors that are more geared toward mimicking sweet treats that people might be craving.  Many of those flavors have added chemical sweeteners to help derive that extra sweetness.  That being said, Quest Bars released a line of bars that are considered All Natural to accommodate those who were looking for less of a chemically sweetened protein option.  These are the bars I stick to and my two personal favorites are the Banana Nut Muffin and Coconut Cashew bars. You can purchase Perfect Food Bars and Quest Bars online at their individual company websites or you can find both sold at your local Whole Foods.  Whole Foods carries all flavors of Perfect Bars but only the All Natural Quest Bar flavors.  Both of these bars, when purchasing individually in large quantities can get pricey so look into buying them in bulk!  Quest Bars are currently on Groupon for $24.99 per box of 12!  If you have a GNC membership you can always snag that price, but you may not live near a GNC or have the membership so this is a great option.

Below you can compare the nutritional information for the Peanut Butter Perfect Bar and

the All Natural Coconut Cashew Quest Bar… Happy snacking 🙂

Perfect Bar Nutrition


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