What I’m Wearing Wednesday

Last week I posted about my awesomely cheap tank tops and alluded to my obsession with jeans.  I don’t want to sound superficial but an amazing pair of jeans completes a fantastic outfit and totally boosts your confidence.  I’ve tried to save money on jeans, but I find that cheaper pairs just don’t work for my body.  I have quads but a small waist and that can be a tricky combo. I’m speaking generally here, but the more pricey brands tend to have better designers behind their label.   Maybe a more inexpensive brand of jeans works for you and if that’s the case, more power to you.  I just have had zero luck.  So I’ve decided that either I can buy three pairs of cheaper jeans that will sit on my jean shelf unworn because I sacrificed fit for cost, or buy one pair that fit perfectly and wear them until they basically fall off my body.  I choose the latter.  Now, if I can get a great pair of jeans on sale, well, that’s a whole different story.  Lucky Brand Jeans are my go-to jean for every day wear, AND you can always get them on sale.  They have a sale like every week.  If you are eyeing a pair of Lucky Brand Jeans, just wait a week. I guarantee they’ll be on sale.  Or you’ll get one of those 30-40% off coupons in your email.  Actually, I think they’re having a sale right now.  Check it out here.  Currently I’m obsessed with any pair of skinny jeans with holes in them.  They’re perfect with a tank and sandals for day time and super cute for going out with a dark top and an amazing pair of wedges.  Just accessorize well!

95% of the time I’m wearing my skinny jeans with holes in them, the other 5% of the time I’m wearing flared jeans.  I don’t believe in bootcut.  They’re like tweener jeans and super awkward on me.  I like your traditional flare and once in a while I let my inner Hippy out and rock the modern version of the bell bottom.  The BEST brand for retro inspired jeans is Mother Denim.  A relatively new brand of jean, they are super flattering and have the best washes.  But they do cost.  They used to be harder to find and were carried in more boutique type stores, but now Anthropolgie and Nordstrom are jumping on the Mother bandwagon.  Check them out, they’re worth their price.

So here’s what I’m wearing this Wednesday…

Outfit 2


Jeans – Mother Denim “The Cruiser” – Anthropologie

Top – Stark Tank – Similar Top Here

Wedges – Michael Kors

Earrings – Viva Diva Botique – Similar Hoops Here

Necklace – Banana Republic – Similar Necklace Here

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