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Spicy Jalapeno Chicken Burgers

One of my go-to dinners is a grilled BBQ patty, mostly because it’s quick, easy and pretty damn tasty when cooked right.  Burger PattyWhen I gave up bread I started to get pretty creative with my burgers, loading them up with all sorts of healthy goodies.  I’ve been doing it so long now that I don’t really miss the bun.  Depending on my mood I’ll either load it up with veggies – sautéed spinach, mushrooms, onions, even zucchini/squash, bell peppers.  Or, I’ll go the bacon, fried egg, avocado route.  Basically, I look in my fridge to see what I have and then go from there.  During the hot summer months, topping your burger with a few pieces of grilled fruit is also a nice option to throw in the mix.  Partner pear and blue cheese, pineapple with pepper jack or even Fuji apple and cheddar.  You really can’t go wrong with a loaded burger. Because my husband is a beef patty kind of guy, I usually stick to ground beef, but occasionally i’ll throw a turkey or chicken patty in the mix.  When on a flexible eating program, a loaded beef patty can start to use up your fat grams real quick, so ground turkey and chicken are great alternatives because they are very lean and you can top them with all the extra fatty goodies you want, depending what fits your day’s macros.  Continue reading

Get There

I got to workout with my former Crossfit Regionals teammate Adam yesterday. We coach together at Crossfit North Marin and competed together for 3 years at the NorCal regionals, plus a handful of other competitions.  But we rarely get to train together because of work schedules. Yesterday we got together to do some back squats and an amrap and That old competitive feeling came right back. imageHe pushes me. He makes me a better crossfitter because he’s a badass and when you WOD with him you want to be as good as he is. Continue reading

What I’m Wearing Wednesday

Black TankMy husband Steve is a firefighter and has been working A LOT lately.  When he works a lot that means he can be gone anywhere from 2 to 4 days at a time with only a day or two off in between shifts.  During the school year when I’m working, in some ways, it doesn’t feel so bad because I’m busy and the days can go quickly.  However, when I’m in summer mode, the days can be LONG.  In my pre-mama days I couldn’t get enough of long summer days because it meant working out, laying out, eating out and general relaxation.  Now, with Reesey Girl, a long summer day consists of keeping an 18 month old busy for 16 hours a day.  There’s only so much we can do around the house and her current park activities are limited to the swing, so that means one thing…we go shopping 🙂  A mama’s got to do what a mama’s got to do. Continue reading

Mexican Chicken Soup

I think I’ve mentioned several times before that I’m obsessed with Mexican food.  I eat it once or twice a week in some form or another.  I like Mexican food because it’s so easy to make it clean.  Sure, everything is better wrapped up in a big old flour tortilla and loaded with cheese, but that type of Mexican food is not realistic for my training or health.  On a rare occasion I’ll go for a burrito and splurge on the tortilla but keep the insides clean and stick to meat, avocado, lettuce/veggies and pico…maybe a little cheese.  But in general, whenever I order Mexican food, I typically get one of two things – lettuce wrapped tacos or chicken tortilla soup.  Most Mexican restaurants load their soup up with tortilla strips and it can get a little overwhelming.  What I like about the soup is the shredded chicken and the intense Mexican flavors.  I’m always trying to recreate restaurant-style Mexican soup and I think I came pretty damn close this last time.  The broth was the perfect consistency and the spices were right on.  This is one of those soups that you can throw together in the morning and leave in the pot all day so that the ingredients meld together and the chicken really absorbs those flavors.  When it comes to soups in general, I like to plan a little bit ahead because the longer it sits and simmers, the bolder the flavors are going to be.  If you don’t have the time, it’s absolutely not necessary, just something I like to take into consideration!  This soup looks and tastes fancy but it is so easy to make.  And even though it’s summertime, Mexican soup is never off the table for me. Continue reading

What I’m Wearing Wednesday

Hobo Leather bags and wallets have been my favorite for years.  I’ve rarely strayed from them because I love their style, the colors and the feel of their leather.  Their brand can get pretty pricey though, even for their smaller purses.  When it comes to purse style, I pretty much always go for a cross-body strap, but my current orange leather Hobo bag is pretty impractical.  I basically can fit my Hobo wallet, phone and a lip gloss if I’m lucky.  Because I now need to carry not only my crap but also Reese’s crap, I needed something a little roomier for snacks and stuff so I was on the hunt for a larger Hobo bag, but they are so expensive that I haven’t been able to pull the trigger.  I popped into Viva Diva Boutique on 4th Street in San Rafael randomly the other day to check out their clothes and I walked out with the most amazing new bag instead.  It’s everything I’ve been looking for and as far as leather purses go, the price point wasn’t all that bad.  Viva Diva in general has some SUPER cute stuff.  A little on the pricier side but they always have sales and some of their clothes are so hard to resist.  They are right up my alley when it comes to style.  They are always posting their latest stock and super stylish outfits on their Instagram account.  If you like more unique, boutique-y type clothing I highly suggest you follow them at @vivadivaboutique.  Anyways, back to my amazing new bag.  The brand is Tano and it’s the most perfect caramel brown colored leather that goes with absolutely anything.  It’s kind of boho, kind of hippie and just totally me.  And it fits all my shit.  If you click on the link to purchase via Amazon, the picture doesn’t do the bag justice.  If I was just perusing purses and saw this one online I wouldn’t give it a second look.  But it’s legit.  If you’re interested I would head to Viva Diva and check it out in person, amongst all their other fun stuff.

So this is what I’m wearing this Wednesday…


Tano Leather Bag – Slow Burn in Honey

Clean Strawberry-Banana PB Ice Cream

When it comes to flexible eating, and especially when you’re on a cut with limited carbs and fat, ice cream can be really hard to fit into your macros.  I’ve probably said this a hundred times to people: flexible eating is not about donuts and eating like shit.  You have choices.  If I were to eat a half cup of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, the macros for a peanut butter flavor, for example, would be 270 calories – 24C / 18F / 6P.  So I look at that and think hmmm…I could either eat a few bites of ice cream OR I could have 3/4 cup oatmeal, a tablespoon of Sun Butter and some Greek yogurt…give or take a few macros.  For me, it’s always about eating as much food as I can so the choice is simple.  I’m not saying I never have straight up ice cream.  I do, but I save it for special occasions for the most part.  Instead, I either find or make cleaner alternatives that let me double the serving, or just go in a different direction and eat larger quantities of food that still satisfy my sweet tooth.

With it actually feeling like summer and seeing people everywhere walking around in the evening with ice cream cones, it’s made me really crave ice cream.  So I came up with this clean alternative that is super creamy and tastes sooo good!  You can probably do this with a variety of fruits, but using frozen banana as a base really helps keep the texture creamy so I went with a Strawberry-Banana with Peanut Butter Chunks flavor for my version!  Bananas are high in carbs so if you prefer a different fruit, feel free to experiment.  This recipe is so easy and takes only a few minutes to throw together.  If you can plan the day before, that’s best but not necessary.  You might even have all of the ingredients ready to go and not even know it if you tend to have frozen fruits already cut up in your freezer if you’re a smoothie person.

For those following a flexible eating program, the macros for one serving (1/2 total batch) are:

166 Calories – 21C / 8F / 5P

Ice Cream Continue reading

What I’m Wearing Wednesday

My school year is coming to an end which means i’m totally swamped with getting grades in, parent and student complaints, trying to figure out my next year’s schedule and i’m up to my ears in lost book forms.  So, i’m making this short and sweet!  I’m wearing my most FAVORITE pair of skinny Lucky Brand Jeans.  The “Legend” collection of jeans is a much thicker type of denim that sucks everything in and actually feels like you’re wearing a true pair of jeans versus spandex.  And i’m currently obsessed with my new The Jewel Bar pendant necklace.  I’ve always loved pendants, but this one is perfect for summer.  They have like ten different colors to choose from that will compliment anything you wear this summer.  And these throwback platforms are from the 70s retro section of my closet.  So comfortable and sooooo cute.  Ignore the shirt.  It’s old and it’s from the Gap.  I love affordable outfits and all of these items are definitely affordable.  Pair these three things with any solid colored short or long sleeve casual solid colored t-shirt and it’s the perfect tweener weather outfit.  Rainstorms in June?  And it’s supposed to be 85 tomorrow…?  Bipolar weather’s got me like whoa…

So this is what i’m wearing this Wednesday…


Brooke Legend Skinny Jeans – Lucky Brand

Yellow Pendant Necklace – The Jewel Bar

Samba Platform Sandal – Dolce Vita

Pizzas on the Grill

Pizza DoughPizza is probably one of my most favorite foods, however, it doesn’t exactly fall under the category of “clean eating options.” You can top pizza with all the paleo veggies and meat that you want, but that gluten-filled crust is the killer.  I’m always searching for grain-free alternatives when it comes to making pizza crust, but there’s a time here and there where I just want good old fashioned pizza.  Pizza is my cheat meal of choice but my husband can’t stand the way it makes him feel so I rarely get to actually go somewhere and order it.  So if I’m cheating with actual pizza, it usually means that it’s Pizzas on the Grill night at home.  Pizzas on the Grill combines two of my favorite things – BBQ and pizza.  And if we’re BBQing then it usually means the weather is warm, so that’s just an added bonus.  When the weather is warm, I usually like to keep my meals on the lighter side and pizzas on the grill are made personal size so it’s easy to keep your portions in check. When making pizzas at home, whether on the grill or in the oven, you obviously have more control over what goes into your pizza and you’re less likely to overindulge on super heavy restaurant-style crust and cheese. Continue reading

ALL of the Carbs

I train Monday through Saturday and rest on Sunday.  As a working mom, sometimes it’s really hard to get in the gym 6 days a week but I make it happen.  A few days I train with my buddies, a few days I’ll have to get my workout in alone with Reese in tow, and maybe one or two days I’ll make it to an actual class at our gym.  Regardless of how I do it, I have to get it in for my sanity.  But, as much as I love training I look forward to Sunday because it’s my rest day. I enjoy my rest day so much more because I know I put in the work during break the week so I earned it. Sunday also means it’s my reefed day.

As a flexible eater, my current macros are: 1607 calories – 122 P / 59 F / 147 C.

imageTechnically I’m still on a cut, but I’m exactly where I want to be so my numbers will be adjusting soon.  Those numbers are the perfect balance to sustain me Monday through Saturday, however, Sunday is my day to replenish my carbs for the week.  Leptin is a hormone in our bodies that tells us if we are hungry or not.  I am by no means starving on my current macros, but to fulfill my goals, I did have to cut back on my calorie intake a little bit.  When on a flexible eating cut, there is a certain amount of caloric restriction that takes place, however, you still need to eat enough food to fuel your workouts.  Too little caloric intake may allow you to lose weight initially but at a significant cost to you overall energy and strength.  I’m not interested in that.  My goal has always been to be lean but strong as hell.  So, back to Leptin.  If you are on a calorie restriction for an extended period of time, your metabolism may begin to slow down a bit because it is adjusting and functioning based on the amount of food you are putting into your body.  If you are looking to continue to lose weight, a slowing metabolism is not your ideal situation.  So once a week on Sunday, my rest day, I eat ALL of the carbs.  This only happens once a week to boost the Leptin hormone levels in the body, stimulating your metabolism to become more active and allowing your body to continue with your weight loss goals if that is the case. Continue reading

What I’m Wearing Wednesday

Bikini BottomSummer is so close I can taste it.  Not that I haven’t already been participating in some much needed sun soaking, but officially, my summer break is just around the corner.  And that means I need to replenish my bikini collection and get stocked up on my favorite summertime products.  Like with all of my clothing, I can sometimes have a little bit of trouble finding “perfect fits” because of my figure.  I’m muscular in the legs, small in the waist and used to be a little on the top heavy side…until I breastfed for a year.  Most women are looking for bigger boobs.  Not gonna lie, I’m loving the fact that my 32Ds are now barely 32Cs.  Not that I wasn’t already planning on purchasing a few new bikinis for my summer trips, but now I have no choice.  These boobies need a few new tops.  I’ve tried every style bikini bottoms and tops, but for me, nothing beats the good old fashioned string bikini.  Triangle tops and bottoms with side ties do my body good.  As always, I’ve tried expensive swim suit brands and cheapy ones, and the BEST bikini out there hands down is from Old Navy.   Continue reading