What I’m Wearing Wednesday

Bikini BottomSummer is so close I can taste it.  Not that I haven’t already been participating in some much needed sun soaking, but officially, my summer break is just around the corner.  And that means I need to replenish my bikini collection and get stocked up on my favorite summertime products.  Like with all of my clothing, I can sometimes have a little bit of trouble finding “perfect fits” because of my figure.  I’m muscular in the legs, small in the waist and used to be a little on the top heavy side…until I breastfed for a year.  Most women are looking for bigger boobs.  Not gonna lie, I’m loving the fact that my 32Ds are now barely 32Cs.  Not that I wasn’t already planning on purchasing a few new bikinis for my summer trips, but now I have no choice.  These boobies need a few new tops.  I’ve tried every style bikini bottoms and tops, but for me, nothing beats the good old fashioned string bikini.  Triangle tops and bottoms with side ties do my body good.  As always, I’ve tried expensive swim suit brands and cheapy ones, and the BEST bikini out there hands down is from Old Navy.  They’re always on sale for $10 per piece which means you can get 4-5 full bikinis to mix and match for the price of one expensive one.  Can’t beat that.  They usually have more options for prints online than in the actual stores, but it’s still worth the shipping.  I usually buy a few solid colored tops and bottoms and a few prints and then wear them with each other.  Then you never get bored!  But if you do, who cares because they cost $10 when on sale.  And, even though I buy a few new ones every year, the ones from last year and even the year before are still good.  Just gives me more options.  You should see my collection 🙂

And just because I’m obsessed with my new Philosophy lotion, I had to share.  I’m a sucker for Philosophy lip glosses and such, but this Almonds and Cream lotion is literally to die for.  I swear if you wear it somebody will want to eat you right up.  It’s the perfect light, sweet and creamy scent for summer days…or nights.  Sounds weird but it’s super sexy.  Didn’t know almonds could be sexy.

So this is what I’m wearing this Wednesday…


Triangle Top and String Bottom Bikinis – Old Navy

Philosophy Almonds and Cream Lotion – Amazon

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