ALL of the Carbs

I train Monday through Saturday and rest on Sunday.  As a working mom, sometimes it’s really hard to get in the gym 6 days a week but I make it happen.  A few days I train with my buddies, a few days I’ll have to get my workout in alone with Reese in tow, and maybe one or two days I’ll make it to an actual class at our gym.  Regardless of how I do it, I have to get it in for my sanity.  But, as much as I love training I look forward to Sunday because it’s my rest day. I enjoy my rest day so much more because I know I put in the work during break the week so I earned it. Sunday also means it’s my reefed day.

As a flexible eater, my current macros are: 1607 calories – 122 P / 59 F / 147 C.

imageTechnically I’m still on a cut, but I’m exactly where I want to be so my numbers will be adjusting soon.  Those numbers are the perfect balance to sustain me Monday through Saturday, however, Sunday is my day to replenish my carbs for the week.  Leptin is a hormone in our bodies that tells us if we are hungry or not.  I am by no means starving on my current macros, but to fulfill my goals, I did have to cut back on my calorie intake a little bit.  When on a flexible eating cut, there is a certain amount of caloric restriction that takes place, however, you still need to eat enough food to fuel your workouts.  Too little caloric intake may allow you to lose weight initially but at a significant cost to you overall energy and strength.  I’m not interested in that.  My goal has always been to be lean but strong as hell.  So, back to Leptin.  If you are on a calorie restriction for an extended period of time, your metabolism may begin to slow down a bit because it is adjusting and functioning based on the amount of food you are putting into your body.  If you are looking to continue to lose weight, a slowing metabolism is not your ideal situation.  So once a week on Sunday, my rest day, I eat ALL of the carbs.  This only happens once a week to boost the Leptin hormone levels in the body, stimulating your metabolism to become more active and allowing your body to continue with your weight loss goals if that is the case.

On my reefed day, my macros look more like this:  1763 calories – 122 P / 35 F / 235 C

It’s funny though.  You look at those numbers are like holy shit, I get to eat as many carbs as a dude.  But then you look at the fat macros and it’s like, that’s not a whole lot to work with.  So, as much as you think you get to go carb consuming crazy, you still have to keep your other macros in check.  And even though my overall caloric intake is a bit higher on my reefed days, it does not stall my fat loss whatsoever.  Fuelling up on these extra carbs sustains me through my week of training and gives me a little bit of freedom with my day’s food.

I would love to say that I get to eat a donut on my refeed day because I definitely have the carbs to do so, but I would be losing about 1/3 of my fat grams on a few bites of food, so I generally don’t go in that direction. I’m ALWAYS about getting as much food into my mouth as possible and that means eating as clean as possible.  Just because I get to stockpile carbs on Sundays doesn’t mean they have to be bad carbs.  So what do I eat on my reefed day?  Oatmeal with banana, brown or white rice, Japanese Yams, apples, rice cakes and definitely lots of veggies.  Regardless of a training day or a reefed day, my goal is always to stick to as clean a diet as possible.  But occasionally I will use that reefed day to cheat a little…

Tonight is pizza on the grill night so I’ll be getting a chunk of my carbs from that yummy pizza dough!  Check back tomorrow for my Pizzas on the Grill recipe ideas and the accompanying macros! But for now I just pounded my oatmeal and am off to soak up the sun in this amazing weather…finally 👙☀️💦

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