What I’m Wearing Wednesday

My school year is coming to an end which means i’m totally swamped with getting grades in, parent and student complaints, trying to figure out my next year’s schedule and i’m up to my ears in lost book forms.  So, i’m making this short and sweet!  I’m wearing my most FAVORITE pair of skinny Lucky Brand Jeans.  The “Legend” collection of jeans is a much thicker type of denim that sucks everything in and actually feels like you’re wearing a true pair of jeans versus spandex.  And i’m currently obsessed with my new The Jewel Bar pendant necklace.  I’ve always loved pendants, but this one is perfect for summer.  They have like ten different colors to choose from that will compliment anything you wear this summer.  And these throwback platforms are from the 70s retro section of my closet.  So comfortable and sooooo cute.  Ignore the shirt.  It’s old and it’s from the Gap.  I love affordable outfits and all of these items are definitely affordable.  Pair these three things with any solid colored short or long sleeve casual solid colored t-shirt and it’s the perfect tweener weather outfit.  Rainstorms in June?  And it’s supposed to be 85 tomorrow…?  Bipolar weather’s got me like whoa…

So this is what i’m wearing this Wednesday…


Brooke Legend Skinny Jeans – Lucky Brand

Yellow Pendant Necklace – The Jewel Bar

Samba Platform Sandal – Dolce Vita

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