What I’m Wearing Wednesday

Hobo Leather bags and wallets have been my favorite for years.  I’ve rarely strayed from them because I love their style, the colors and the feel of their leather.  Their brand can get pretty pricey though, even for their smaller purses.  When it comes to purse style, I pretty much always go for a cross-body strap, but my current orange leather Hobo bag is pretty impractical.  I basically can fit my Hobo wallet, phone and a lip gloss if I’m lucky.  Because I now need to carry not only my crap but also Reese’s crap, I needed something a little roomier for snacks and stuff so I was on the hunt for a larger Hobo bag, but they are so expensive that I haven’t been able to pull the trigger.  I popped into Viva Diva Boutique on 4th Street in San Rafael randomly the other day to check out their clothes and I walked out with the most amazing new bag instead.  It’s everything I’ve been looking for and as far as leather purses go, the price point wasn’t all that bad.  Viva Diva in general has some SUPER cute stuff.  A little on the pricier side but they always have sales and some of their clothes are so hard to resist.  They are right up my alley when it comes to style.  They are always posting their latest stock and super stylish outfits on their Instagram account.  If you like more unique, boutique-y type clothing I highly suggest you follow them at @vivadivaboutique.  Anyways, back to my amazing new bag.  The brand is Tano and it’s the most perfect caramel brown colored leather that goes with absolutely anything.  It’s kind of boho, kind of hippie and just totally me.  And it fits all my shit.  If you click on the link to purchase via Amazon, the picture doesn’t do the bag justice.  If I was just perusing purses and saw this one online I wouldn’t give it a second look.  But it’s legit.  If you’re interested I would head to Viva Diva and check it out in person, amongst all their other fun stuff.

So this is what I’m wearing this Wednesday…


Tano Leather Bag – Slow Burn in Honey

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