Get There

I got to workout with my former Crossfit Regionals teammate Adam yesterday. We coach together at Crossfit North Marin and competed together for 3 years at the NorCal regionals, plus a handful of other competitions.  But we rarely get to train together because of work schedules. Yesterday we got together to do some back squats and an amrap and That old competitive feeling came right back. imageHe pushes me. He makes me a better crossfitter because he’s a badass and when you WOD with him you want to be as good as he is.

I don’t want this to come off wrong, but that’s what I want to be for other people in my gym and in the Crossfit community. I want to inspire people to better athletes, regardless of their experience and capabilities. I mostly have to train during off ours in our gym but on my summer break I try and hit up as many classes as I can because I want to surround myself with people who push me and I want to do the same for them. There’s nothing I love more than having a chick, or even one of the big dudes in our gym tell me they were trying to catch me the whole time.  That’s what motivates me to keep going in this community. I want to inspire people to take their training to that next level. To PR. To beat me. To be badass.

I’ve been crossfitting for nearly six years now and I’ve learned over time that you have to build mental toughness along with the physical strength.  I attribute a lot of my success in competition to my ability to just “go there.” “There” is a place that is super uncomfortable, super tiring, and super sweaty.  But to get better, you have to keep going and get “there.” And once you survive that place, you realize you can pretty much make it through anything your gym programmer throws at you. I won’t name names but I tell people all the time that nobody died from push-ups. If you tell yourself in a middle of a wod that you’re going to die, tell your brain to shut up and your muscles to keep going. If you tell yourself you need to rest, get one more rep.  Because you can.

Please don’t misunderstand my intentions. By no means am I saying to put yourself in any sort of physical danger or compromise your body with unsafe technique. For someone who is just beginning to Crossfit, I’m not going to tell them to push themselves to the point of no return. I’m simply saying that over time and with experience there comes a time when you need to take yourself to that uncomfortable place because you’ll come out the other end a better athlete and you’ll be the one inspiring others to be the same.

Adam and I were partnered up for “The 50s” wod at the 2013 NorCal Regionals and had an amazing comeback to win our heat. We had a little bit of trouble with our hand stand push-ups at the beginning of the wod but absolutely dominated the rest of the wod to come from behind and win. We held on to that pull-up bar longer than we thought we could, held on to the barbell for one more rep than we each wanted to, and Adam didn’t drop the front rack lunge to finish the wod because he knew I was right on his ass and sure as shit wasn’t going to drop that bar.  The only reason we were able to do that was because neither of us was afraid to go “there.”

As I initially fell behind Adam in the wod yesterday, his competitiveness and push reminded me to go to that place and not stop. So I did. And I beat him by one rep. Boom.

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