What I’m Wearing Wednesday

Since the 4th of July is fast approaching, and one of my all-time favorite holiday’s, I’ll be sporting some Americana apparel this week!  I consider myself pretty patriotic – I’m a high school U.S. History teacher in my real life – so this holiday means a lot to me.  It’s all about Family, Fun and most importantly Freedom.

So when June starts to wrap up and I start to see all the red, white and blue come into the stores I get a little excited.  I usually avoid all the cheesy sparkly Fourth of July type clothing, but I dig anything Americana, country or retro that I can rock this time of year.  And this tank that I found at Nordstrom’s a few weeks back totally fits my style.  I just can’t decide if I want to pair it with daisy dukes and wear my cowboy boots, or go with a white maxi skirt – maybe i’ll do both 🙂  Shorts during the day because it’s been hot as hell around here and skirt for the evening.  Win-win situation!

This tank is super soft jersey material, loose fitting and can hang off the shoulder.  I think it’s supposed to be kind of a shorter crop top but since I’m a borderline little person, it’s a little longer.  Regardless, I love it.  I got an XS and it fits just fine.  Online they have an XXS.  If I saw that in the store I might haven even gotten that.

The good thing about this tank though is that it’s not just a one-time wear.  I hate spending money on something that you intend to only wear once.  This top is patriotic but versatile.  Appropriate for any time of year really, so don’t be afraid to splurge a little on this one!

So this is what I’m wearing this Wednesday…

All American Tank

Wildfox All American Girl Tank – Wildfox Tank

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