What I’m Wearing Wednesday

I feel like my What I’m Wearing Wednesday posts lately reflect what I’m wearing  about 20% of the time.  Believe me, I love getting dressed up and I love putting outfits together, but let’s be real. The majority of the time I live in workout clothes so those are just as important to post because workout clothes can be fun too. I like getting new workout clothes. One, because I wear them every day and two, because if I’m wearing workout clothes it means I have to get my ass to the gym. Motivation!

Two years ago, I met this great couple down at the Crossfit games who own a Crossfit gym in the Sacramento area.  The husband, Charlie, was talking about this company he was starting that was based on thefairly  combination of caffeinating and lifting weights. Hence, the brand name Caffeine & Kilos. At the time it was just in the works, and now, two years later, his company had absolutely exploded in the Crossfit community and beyond. Charlie and Micha are such down to earth awesome people that I’m happy to see their success and happy to support their brand.  Plus I consider them fairly “local” since we’re both NorCal so it kind of feels like that whole shop small idea…and their stuff comes fast 😊

I have to admit that my husband was the first Morlock to sport C&K apparel in this relationship but I quickly jumped on his bandwagon. I love their stuff. The tanks are great and the muscle tees like the one I just got are super soft and flattering.  What I also like about their products is that their logo is simple and their colors are great.  I don’t like busy workout apparel. They keep it real and I appreciate that.

For reference I wear a size small.  So check out the Caffeine & Kilos website and support The Movement.

So this is what I’m wearing this Wednesday…


Mint Women’s Muscle Tank – Caffeine & Kilos

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