What I’m Wearing Wednesday

Normally I would buy my bikinis pre-summer because I want to maximize the amount of time I get to wear them, but I just got this one last week.  Months ago I signed up for this pretty large CrossFit competition and in recent years, swim WODs have almost become a staple in competing lately.  Anyways, I realized that none of my current swimwear is competition appropriate, so I asked my friend Molly Vollmer about recommendations for a good athletic two-piece since she’s competed numerous times.

She gave me a couple of brand names to research but everything was online.  Ordering swimsuits online when you’ve never tried on a specific brand is sketch.  I took a chance and ordered a Jolyn two piece and when I got it in the mail last week I was not disappointed!  However I AM disappointed in the fact that I have to withdraw from the competition this weekend because my two male teammates, one of which is my husband, are out of county on a strike team fighting fires.

I’ve been training months for this competition, and sacrificing many cheat meals, as it has some very legit athletes that sign up and I wanted to be in the best shape possible for my performance and teammates…not to mention I wanted to make sure I could rock this bikini for the swim WOD.  Turns out…

One…There’s no swim WOD programmed, and two, I obviously am not competing anymore.  Double bummer but, hey, I got a cute swimsuit out of it and the bottoms are great for tanning 🙂

If you’re interested in checking out Jolyn, they have a variety of cuts and colors.  The color selection is out of control.  Amazingly bright colors that will get you noticed.  I opted for the solid triangle top with a criss-crossed tie in the back and the Euro bottoms because a bottom that is “full” coverage tend to come up a little too high on my short frame.

I ordered a medium in both top and bottom and I consider myself muscular and curvy.  Because the top has a tie in the back you can adjust the fit easily and the bottoms have a drawstring built in as well to make sure they are secure.  Even though this is an “athletic” swimsuit it’s super cute.  So i’m wearing it while I lay by the pool and showing you all since I don’t get to wear it this weekend 😦

Pardon the nursery room pic, it’s the only full length mirror I have in the house!  So this is what I’m wearing this Wednesday…


Jolyn Triangle Top – Black

Jolyn Euro Bottom – Lava

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