What I’m Wearing Wednesday

After the 100+ temperatures this last week it’s finally cooled off a bit this morning so I had to throw on a sweatshirt to run a few errands. Since my husband has been gone for FOURTEEN DAYS now and is finally coming home Friday night…I think…I threw on this light sweatshirt because I am SO ready for the weekend to be here!  I found this sweatshirt via Instagram and my mom got it for me as a gift not too long ago.  I love that it’s that 80s kind of off the shoulder Flashdance style that goes perfectly with my workout clothes, which we all know I’m wearing 90% of the time.  I went with a size Medium because I wanted it to feel a little on the cozier side.  Check out @ilycouture on Instagram.  They’re that kind of brand that makes statement pieces that are fun to add to your wardrobe on occasion.

So this is what I’m wearing this Wednesday…


Weekend Sweatshirt – Ily Couture

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