What I Wore Last Friday…

This week blew past me ano I didn’t have a chance to post my usual Wednesday fashion find so I’ll do it today as my flashback to last Friday. Target has seriously upped their game when it comes to clothes lately. I didn’t need a dress for my cousins wedding last weekend but this hidden gem caught my eye because, even though my most favorite color is orange, when it comes to clothing, I have A LOT of shades of the coral slash salmon variety. It’s my signature color and looks amazing against tan skin. It was $29 but the only sizes they had were a large and an extra large. I tried on the large just in case. Way too big. But the dress was so freakin amazing, one that is so simple in its silhouette that it will never go out of style that I figured I could have it tailored by my favorite tailor in town who is dirt cheap. Think $7 for hemmed jeans. The next day I thought maybe I’d look on the target website to see if they had a smaller size, which I can’t even remember if they did because I got so excited by the fact that the dress was now $20 on clearance. I figured what the hell. I was going to have to get it hemmed even if I did get a smaller size so I just kept the large and went back to target with proof of the online price and got an adjustment. All in all, a $20 dress with a $20 alteration fee to take in the sides and hem the bottom equals a $40 dress that could easily be mistaken for something I could buy at Nordstroms. And, I’ll wear this over and over. I’ll take it! You can NEVER go wrong with a simple classic maxi dress. I plan on wearing it again in a few weeks to my Mom’s breast cancer fashion show fundraiser. I actually can’t wait to wear it again it’s that perfect. For future reference, please pardon the double Instagram outfit post #repeatoffender 😁 PS, I just checked…the dress is now $14.99. Click the link below. Lucky you!!!!

So flashback to what I was wearing last Friday…


Coral Maxi Dress – Target

Innis Bead Woven Pendant Necklace – Francesca’s

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