What I’m Wearing Wednesday…The Hair Edition

For the past 10+ years, all I wanted was for my hair to be long.  I wanted those textured beachy waves but also be able to throw my hair back in a messy bun for workouts when needed.  I literally would give my hairdresser the evil eye when she told me it was time for trim.  But long hair is so much work sometimes and I got to a point where I felt like the ends were just weighing everything else down and I contemplated possibly going a bit shorter.  I started saving pics of various shorter hairstyles and colors on Pinterest.  I confessed to my hair stylist that I was secretly hoarding photos of shorter hair and her eyes lit up.  It took me about 4 or 5 months though from that point to actually make the big snip.  I literally gave Lindsay a deadline.  January of 2015 we’d do it.  And we did.  And I haven’t stopped cutting since.  The first cut was amazing.  We went with a longer textured A-line bob.  She took a picture I gave her and recreated the cut and style and added some amazing balyage to give my new hair dimension.  And my hair was soooo much healthier.  Not to mention the added volume and ease of styling.  What I didn’t expect though was this aggressive impulse to keep cutting.  It’s like I can’t get it short enough.  Every time I go in now, I’m like, maybe we should take another inch or so off???  My latest cut is the shortest I’ve gone and I absolutely love it.  We kept that same A-line style with lots of texture but have taken it up even more.  Lindsay is a color and styling genius, not to mention just an all around amazing person who loves to talk about food, fitness and fun.  She currently works at Mockingbird Heights in Petaluma, CA.  If you’re in the vicinity, she’s worth the extra few mile drive.  Since I started seeing her (sounds like we’re dating, huh? But isn’t the bond between you and your hairdresser kind of like a relationship haha) the number of people I know who now use her is steadily increasing.  Get in while you can…I just referred her another client 🙂

So I’m wearing a fresh new hairstyle this Wednesday…


Lindsay Delagarza – Mockingbird Heights Salon– Petaluma, CA

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