What I’m Wearing Wednesday…Birthday Edition

I was a little depressed about turning 35 this year so I decided to go shopping and treat myself to a cute birthday outfit to wear out over the weekend.  My thirties have been pretty amazing so far and I would trade them for my twenties because I’m in a better place both physically and mentally than I ever was in my previous decade of life.  The life lessons I’ve learned and confidence I’ve gained with every passing year have brought me to wear I am today.  However, that number – 35 – stings a little!  So why not buy a kick-ass outfit to celebrate how far I’ve come and show people that age really is just a number.  That 35 is the new 25 and appreciate the fact that I’ve worked hard to make myself into one strong mama.   And that’s what I did.  I was in the Free People store looking for something else and ended up with this amazing flowy top that criss-crosses at the back of the neck and plays a little bit of peekaboo with the lower back.  It’s super feminine and sexy with a touch of that signature hippie Free People style.  Classic “me.”  Since there really is no structure to the top, it’s low cut in the front and essentially backless, it needed a pretty stellar bra to go with it.  I went with this dusty rose colored lace halter bralette that I can only describe as phenomenal.  I want to wear it under everything.  Right now, because I’m still pretty tan, it almost camoflouges with my skin color.  My brother gave me a Free People gift card for my birthday and I may just get another one for the hell of it in a more noticeable color.  This top and bra combo made my husband ask me if I bought something new.  If he’s asking that means he’s noticing…and liking 🙂  So check them out.  The top comes in two colors and the bra in several more.

So this is what I’m wearing this Wednesday…And I apologize for the grainy night photo.  I had to snap a quick picture when I got home that night!

Free People Bday

Floating Floral Cami – Free People in Tea Combo

Galloon Lace Halter Bra – Free People in Copper

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