Steve’s Pot of Gold Potatoes

Grilled Potatoes The other day, some friends of ours gave us like a million little gold potatoes so obviously we had to put them to good use.  They were a little too small to make into my Perfect French Fries.  We were keeping things simple for dinner with grilled meat and veggies so he decided to just roast the potatoes using the BBQ.  Such a simple and easy way to cook these little guys!  I’d love to say that his recipe and my flexible eating program worked nicely together but they don’t. When I asked him to use just a little bit of olive oil on the potatoes, I immediately got the look of are you kidding me?  Steve can eat whatever he wants.  He’s blessed with a great metabolism and nothing really sticks to him.  He can still smoke the best of the best crossfitters in the gym when he considers himself “out of shape.”  His worst day is most likely your best.  Damnit I hate him sometimes!

So, we made separate batches of potatoes 🙂  I’ll spare you the gory oil and butter details of his.  Yes, they looked amazing and probably tasted like buttery heaven, but I have my goals.  I’ve got a partner competition with my girl Kristel in two weekends and I can’t disappoint.  Buttery potatoes don’t fit the framework right now…BUT, my potatoes were equally satisfying, just a little lighter on the oil!  I looked at his ingredients and just made my version a little more macro friendly.  That way I could eat more!

Steve calls these his pot of gold potatoes because you use the Yukon gold potatoes and make a little pouch with aluminum foil that sits on the grill and roasts.  A fun alternative to your standard oven roasted potatoes and easier to monitor when you’re already BBQing your meat.  None of that running back and forth to the kitchen to make sure they’re not turning into black lumps of coal.

The recipe below is for one serving of potatoes.  Multiply the ingredients as you like for additional servings.

For those on a flexible eating program, the calories and macros for one serving are:

220g Cooked – 183 Calories – 39C / 2F / 5P


Pot of Gold Potatoes


250g Gold Potatoes (yields about 220g when cooked)

1/2 tsp Olive Oil

Garlic and Onion Powder

Dried Onion Flakes


Salt and Pepper


Wash and dry your gold potatoes.  Depending on the size of your potatoes, cut into either quarters, sixths or eights if they are much larger and place in a mixing bowl.

Coat with 1/2 tsp. of olive oil.  This doesn’t sound like much but a little olive oil goes a long way.  If you feel your potatoes are too dry and not coated well enough, add a bit more olive oil (adjust your macros as needed).

Generously season with the garlic powder, onion powder and dried onion flakes (about a 1 tsp of each).  Add about a 1/4 tsp of paprika just for a little kick and then season with salt and pepper to taste.

I really don’t like to use exact measurements when seasoning.  I usually just go with what looks well-seasoned and it usually turns out just right.

Tear off a piece of aluminum foil and spray the inside center area with non-stick spray.  Place the coated potatoes in the middle and gather the four corners of the foil together to create a pouch.  Don’t pull the foil together too tight, you want to leave space for the potatoes to steam a bit.

Place on the grill at medium heat and shake the pouch around every few minutes to make sure they potatoes kind of rotate around in the pouch and cook evenly.  They can easily burn if left in the same spot the entire time.  Cook for approximately 20-25 minutes or until soft.  Every grill is different so just monitor your potatoes as you go along!

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