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Authentic White-Girl Fire Roasted Salsa

SalsaReader beware.  You may never want to buy premade salsa again once you make this one.  I’m not even kidding.  It’s authentic, it’s easy and it’s out of control delicious.  When it comes to my recipes, if my husband gives me a compliment then I know I have a winner.  He said it’s better than any salsa he’s ever had in a restaurant.  I’m gonna take that compliment and hang it on the refrigerator with a gold star.  Most of my blog recipes are for meal ideas but salsa is a staple in our house and deserves it’s own blog post.  We easily go through a container in 1-2 days and let me tell you…”good” salsa isn’t cheap.  Every afternoon like clockwork, about 4:30 PM, I hear Steve grab the bag of tortilla chips and open the refrigerator door to grab whatever salsa we have on hand.  While he fills up on pre-dinner chips, I slice up my bell pepper and cucumber and use my veggie sticks as dippers for the salsa.  As much as I love chips and salsa, it’s not part of my daily nutrition.  The salsa, yes, the chips, no.  I save my chip indulgences for the real deal chips at the Mexican restaurant because I can’t resist eating all the pico de gallo when waiting for my lettuce wrapped tacos.  I’ll eat the chips but not the taco shell.  Totally makes sense right?  Actually it does, because when you eat flexibly it’s about choice.  I choose to have chips and wrap my tacos in lettuce because they’re actually super delicious that way.  If I wanted the tortillas, I would opt out of chips for the night.  That’s just the way this thing works.  Always keeping the balance. Continue reading