Monthly Archives: June 2016

Grilled Asian Chicken Thighs & Ginger-Garlic Roasted Veggies

Asian ThighsI only have a few minutes left of my daughter’s nap to get this recipe up for you all so nothing fancy.  Just going to give you the details, however, this particular combination of seasonings for my “rub” is perfect on all types of meat.  I’ve used it for chicken breast, tri-tip and pork tenderloin.  All delicious but there’s just something about the flavor that goes oh so well with perfectly grilled chicken thighs.  Trip tip is my second fave so give that a go too!  Depending on your dietary preferences, serve meat and veggies over a bed of mixed greens topped with rice or cauliflower rice.  Mixed greens are not necessary but adds a little bit extra to your meal. Sautéed green onions as an additional topper absolutely elevates your dish as well! Continue reading

Tri Tip Loaded Fries

Loaded FriesI’m finally feeling like I’m moving on from my whole Crossfit California Regionals experience.  I feel as if my life was put on hold for the last three months and I wasn’t really able to relax and be “normal” because when preparing for something like that, you really can’t be normal.  What your putting your body and mind through is not normal.  Despite the outcome of my performance at Regionals, I am proud that I got myself there, for pushing through some of the most physically demanding training I’ve ever experienced, and being disciplined enough to stick to a way of eating that allowed me to train at the volume that was being expected.  No, my food was not very exciting or creative during the last few months, but that’s ok.  It didn’t need it to be.  I was using food strictly for fuel.  Did I have a day here and there where I ate something “bad”?  Sure.  But I stuck to my flexible eating plan, added in more protein and carbs to sustain the training volume and watched my body composition change in a very short time frame as a result. Continue reading