Monthly Archives: July 2016

Not Your Average Salads

BBQ SaladI’ve been on a salad kick lately. Check out my Instagram post a few weeks back to see how to make my absolute weekly favorite: Fajita Salad.  When people think salad, they think boring, but they don’t have to be.  I’m always trying to be creative with food and use ordinary ingredients in different ways.  Yes, your basic salad can get old real quick, but when you find that perfect flavor combination, it can be so satisfying.  That is kind of where I’m at right now.  Loving the warm weather and loving the salads that go with it.  When eating out, people often peruse the salad section of a restaurant menu because they believe it’s the “healthiest” option, however, if you actually were to look at the macro count of a restaurant salad, you’d be blown away.  Often times, the caloric value of a restaurant salad is far worse than other options on the menu.  And, when making a “healthy” salad at home, where most people take a wrong turn is the dressing. Continue reading

Anytime Shredded Pork

Shredded PorkI’ve never  been a pork person but sometimes it’s nice to have another go-to cut of meat that’s lean for weeknight meals.  I’ve been experimenting with pork tenderloin lately and wanted to see how it would do in the slow cooker.  Because it is super lean, I was worried it would taste dried out, but it was anything but.  For my family’s 4th of July get-together earlier this week I tested out this recipe on them and it was a hit.  Some made sandwiches, but most just ate it straight up!  Of all the meats available, including perfectly grilled tri tip, the shredded pork was getting the most love.

This might be a little anti-feminist to say but when men are pleased with my meat cooking recipes, it’s like a total stroke for my ego.  The men in my family might be able to grill, but I’m the master mind behind the flavor combos!  And this one was all me, except it required no grilling, and simply pushing a button.  Minor detail right? Continue reading