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What I’m Wearing Wednesday…And Some Feels

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make this formal announcement about some big changes in my life and have struggled with the right way to do it.  I’m not really sure there is a right way so I’m just going to do it the “me” way.  For some time now I’ve been needing a change in my life.  Because most people always see the mentally tough Crossfitter side of me in the gym who can compartmentalize whatever is going on in my life and just focus on the WOD at hand, they might not understand how hard the last two years have been on me.

After a seemingly perfect pregnancy through most of the previous year, my daughter, Reese, was born two months premature in January of 2014.  Her and I were traumatized both physically and mentally from the unexpected experience, but regardless, I had would drive a total of two hours a day for the next 50+ days to the NICU where she was staying to watch her grow in a box, just waiting for her little lungs to become strong enough to let her come home.  Great start to parenthood. Continue reading

Macros and Meal Planning

I did a lot of research about flexible eating before beginning this new chapter in my life.  I was tired of carrying around this extra layer of fluff after having my daughter.  Despite changing up my eating within the confines of my strict paleo diet, I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for.  I was working my ass off in the gym and eating as strict as I possibly could but nothing was working.  Enter flexible eating.  What initially made me curious about flexible eating were the pictures of all these lean as shit girls on Instagram stuffing their faces with donuts and ice cream and I’m sitting there asking myself “how the hell are they eating THAT and still looking like THAT???”  Continue reading