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What I’m Wearing Wednesday

Hobo Leather bags and wallets have been my favorite for years.  I’ve rarely strayed from them because I love their style, the colors and the feel of their leather.  Their brand can get pretty pricey though, even for their smaller purses.  When it comes to purse style, I pretty much always go for a cross-body strap, but my current orange leather Hobo bag is pretty impractical.  I basically can fit my Hobo wallet, phone and a lip gloss if I’m lucky.  Because I now need to carry not only my crap but also Reese’s crap, I needed something a little roomier for snacks and stuff so I was on the hunt for a larger Hobo bag, but they are so expensive that I haven’t been able to pull the trigger.  I popped into Viva Diva Boutique on 4th Street in San Rafael randomly the other day to check out their clothes and I walked out with the most amazing new bag instead.  It’s everything I’ve been looking for and as far as leather purses go, the price point wasn’t all that bad.  Viva Diva in general has some SUPER cute stuff.  A little on the pricier side but they always have sales and some of their clothes are so hard to resist.  They are right up my alley when it comes to style.  They are always posting their latest stock and super stylish outfits on their Instagram account.  If you like more unique, boutique-y type clothing I highly suggest you follow them at @vivadivaboutique.  Anyways, back to my amazing new bag.  The brand is Tano and it’s the most perfect caramel brown colored leather that goes with absolutely anything.  It’s kind of boho, kind of hippie and just totally me.  And it fits all my shit.  If you click on the link to purchase via Amazon, the picture doesn’t do the bag justice.  If I was just perusing purses and saw this one online I wouldn’t give it a second look.  But it’s legit.  If you’re interested I would head to Viva Diva and check it out in person, amongst all their other fun stuff.

So this is what I’m wearing this Wednesday…


Tano Leather Bag – Slow Burn in Honey

What I’m Wearing Wednesday

My school year is coming to an end which means i’m totally swamped with getting grades in, parent and student complaints, trying to figure out my next year’s schedule and i’m up to my ears in lost book forms.  So, i’m making this short and sweet!  I’m wearing my most FAVORITE pair of skinny Lucky Brand Jeans.  The “Legend” collection of jeans is a much thicker type of denim that sucks everything in and actually feels like you’re wearing a true pair of jeans versus spandex.  And i’m currently obsessed with my new The Jewel Bar pendant necklace.  I’ve always loved pendants, but this one is perfect for summer.  They have like ten different colors to choose from that will compliment anything you wear this summer.  And these throwback platforms are from the 70s retro section of my closet.  So comfortable and sooooo cute.  Ignore the shirt.  It’s old and it’s from the Gap.  I love affordable outfits and all of these items are definitely affordable.  Pair these three things with any solid colored short or long sleeve casual solid colored t-shirt and it’s the perfect tweener weather outfit.  Rainstorms in June?  And it’s supposed to be 85 tomorrow…?  Bipolar weather’s got me like whoa…

So this is what i’m wearing this Wednesday…


Brooke Legend Skinny Jeans – Lucky Brand

Yellow Pendant Necklace – The Jewel Bar

Samba Platform Sandal – Dolce Vita

What I’m Wearing Wednesday

Bikini BottomSummer is so close I can taste it.  Not that I haven’t already been participating in some much needed sun soaking, but officially, my summer break is just around the corner.  And that means I need to replenish my bikini collection and get stocked up on my favorite summertime products.  Like with all of my clothing, I can sometimes have a little bit of trouble finding “perfect fits” because of my figure.  I’m muscular in the legs, small in the waist and used to be a little on the top heavy side…until I breastfed for a year.  Most women are looking for bigger boobs.  Not gonna lie, I’m loving the fact that my 32Ds are now barely 32Cs.  Not that I wasn’t already planning on purchasing a few new bikinis for my summer trips, but now I have no choice.  These boobies need a few new tops.  I’ve tried every style bikini bottoms and tops, but for me, nothing beats the good old fashioned string bikini.  Triangle tops and bottoms with side ties do my body good.  As always, I’ve tried expensive swim suit brands and cheapy ones, and the BEST bikini out there hands down is from Old Navy.   Continue reading

What I’m Wearing Wednesday

Last week I posted about my awesomely cheap tank tops and alluded to my obsession with jeans.  I don’t want to sound superficial but an amazing pair of jeans completes a fantastic outfit and totally boosts your confidence.  I’ve tried to save money on jeans, but I find that cheaper pairs just don’t work for my body.  I have quads but a small waist and that can be a tricky combo. I’m speaking generally here, but the more pricey brands tend to have better designers behind their label.   Maybe a more inexpensive brand of jeans works for you and if that’s the case, more power to you.  I just have had zero luck.   Continue reading

What I’m Wearing Wednesday

I find that the more expensive a piece of clothing I own, the less I wear it.  Except for jeans.  I will spend any amount of money on a perfect pair of jeans.  I wear jeans every day, all day.  Well, except for when I’m at the gym.  My point is, I love jeans and am always searching for my next best pair.  That being said, if I spend $200 on a pair of jeans I want to save money on the rest of my outfit.  So why spend a ton of money on expensive tops that will hang in my closet barely worn when I can get a deal on tops that go perfectly with my expensive jeans that I will get way more use out of.

Enter my new favorite tank top.  I was always a sucker for the $9 Target tank until I recently discovered these…for $8.  AND they’re racerback!  They blow the target tank out of the water.  Actually, they blow any expensive tank top I’ve ever owned out of the water. Continue reading

What I’m Wearing Wednesday…

Every Crossfitting girl loves her Lululemon Wunder Unders to WOD in.  Black is obviously a staple in all of our workout wardrobes because it goes with everything, plus you get the benefits of hiding vagina sweat and the inevitable leaky pee for a lot of us mamas who’ve had babies recently.  In addition to my collection of black crops, I have almost every other color of the rainbow to WOD in but these army green pair I just picked up are the holy grail of Wunder Unders.  I’m obsessed.  So much so that I refuse to wear them to the gym.  I’m keeping these puppies for my real life wardrobe.  Paired with a simple black tank, my favorite jean jacket and neutral sandals.  I’m good to go!

Good thing I have the matching pair of booty shorts for the gym… 🙂  Happy Hump Day!


Fatigue Green Wunder Under Crops – Lululemon

Racerback Tank – Madewell – Similar Tank Here

Pilcro Jean Jacket –  Anthropologie

Sandals – J.Crew – Similar Sandal Here